U.S. Mail

Abandoned farmhouse

Approved by the postmaster general


73 thoughts on “U.S. Mail

  1. That’s a really expressive picture it depends on what we derive of it
    I found it bringing to life the fact that letter writing might have faded with time but it still has a power of expression like no other a mail box always expresses more than an inbox .
    Amazing pic.

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  3. Ahh! Sometimes I feel to some extent old post mail box days were better compared to our lives now. At least in past ,we could maintain distance from people & everyone had their space in life. Well well ,everything has its pros and cons.
    Nice Pic …

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  4. Rusted, battered
    by generations of rain,
    the old mailbox

    tilts on its perch
    above the twisted weeds
    like a grey man

    resting on his cane,
    heavy with memory,
    love and tragedy,

    beneath the folds
    of envelopes
    and shiney stamps.

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  5. I love those US Mail boxes 😀 here in Europe it doesnt exist and I find them so cool 🙂 a really nice picture with the old wood house in the background 🙂 i am fascinated!


  6. I agree with Senna, this picture does give me the shivers. Also reminds me of the abandoned neighborhood next to the Warminster Naval Base here in PA. When I take a walk around the park, I always take a moment to observe what life was like back in the golden days. Creepy, but authentic curiosity. The only thing that moves in the neighborhood are trees, leaves, and the grass. We don’t even see animals roaming around the houses.

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