They Ain’t Pretty

…and they don’t sing, but this ain’t no Hollywood musical. According to Wikipedia, the black vulture “appeared in Mayan codices” That said, Wikipedia needs to update their entry, specifically in regard to the range of Coragyps atratus. They have had a presence here in Pennsylvania for decades.

Erigeron philadelphicus

The fields are filling up with this little dandy right now. ” Philadelphia fleabane, is a widespread North American plant in the daisy family. Also known as common fleabane, daisy fleabane, frost-root, marsh fleabane, poor robin’s plantain, skervish, and in the British Isles as robin’s-plantain. It is native to North America and found there in nearly all of the United States and Canada. It is also introduced into Europe and Asia, considered an invasive weed in many places”. -Thus sayeth Wikipedia